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We have a cliff at the edge of one of our properties where we display cars. We came in the one morning to all of the cars completely vertical after being pushed off of the cliff overnight. Ally was awesome. Insurance is one of those things that make you think, "Why do we pay this every month? Month in, month out, we never use it," — until you have six cars go off of a cliff. They came out quickly, adjusted quickly, and we were able to turn all of those cars within 45 days — getting them repaired and selling them and ultimately making a profit on those cars.
Christine Bennett, Elm Creek Auto Group
The best part about working with Ally is the people. They're absolutely outstanding. They really care. They're available and accessible, which is extremely important in our business. The people are second to none and that's what really makes a difference for us.
Todd Barnes, Platinum Chevrolet
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